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Does Family Matter?

When it comes to recovery from drugs and alcohol, and co occurring disorders, there is one area of life that has proven to have the most impact. Family usually plays a significant role in most instances of addiction and mental health conditions. Both good and bad.

Whether it is the direct cause of the condition, or a factor that has helped enable the behavior, or even a determinant in the reasoning for getting help, family can have a great effect on the outcome of recovery.

Setting realistic expectations

It’s important for the family to understand what is really going on with a person struggling with addiction and other associated mental health issues. Expectations have to be set, and they must be realistic.

We always encourage the restoration of family relationships where there are healthy participants. The dynamic of a healthy functional family unit is one of the most important influences in a person’s life. So much destruction occurs when this element of a person’s life is missing or is unhealthy and dysfunctional.

Reestablishing trust

Our job at Devotions Recovery is to teach you what healthy functional relationship roles are supposed to look like and function. We also help to apply biblical principles in this area. Our family program is a great start to reuniting and reestablishing trust in the family unit.