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Does My Insurance Cover Treatment

Devotions understands the overwhelming burden of helping someone into treatment for drugs or alcohol. It’s so important to act quickly when an individual opens up to the suggestion of getting professional help, especially through a Christian program.

Recovery that lasts a lifetime

Sometimes, addicts only get one chance. Authentic Christian recovery can last a lifetime, and it is proven that genuine faith based treatment has been known to be even more effective in helping an individual stay sober for good.

One thing to remember is substance abuse and mental health problems can cost a tremendous amount of money if left untreated. With insurance reimbursements or financing options, your stay at one of the only authentic Christian drug rehab centers can be more affordable than you think.

Verifying Your insurance benefits – How much does it cover?

Devotions will personally walk you through every step of the process of the billing of your insurance company based upon the your individualized treatment plan. This includes verifying your insurance benefits to help you keep out of pocket expenses to a minimum. You can leave the stress and burden of speaking their language to us, we will provide you with a summary of benefits and explain how they apply in usually less than one hour.

Every insurance policy is different, and allows for a certain amount of coverage for each portion of your recovery program. Our billing admins are well versed and highly experienced in obtaining the coverage sufficient for the services that are applicable based on your assessment. We will always work closely with your insurance to update you with any changes or updates that might occur throughout the course of your treatment as Devotions.