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Devotions: Authentic Christian Recovery

About Devotions

Devotions Recovery center is focused on providing an authentic Christian atmosphere where you can come and discover who you truly are. We do not believe you are defined by your past ro by your mistakes, but rather you are defined by who God created you to be. That is your true identity.

Awakening to the identity crisis

We are devoted to making sure that you have the most conducive atmosphere for getting past who the world and everyone says you are, and discovering who God says you are. All of our counselors believe that there is a major identity crisis that is caused by addiction and co-occurring disorders. It’s actually a mis-taken identity.

Forgiveness is key to the miracle

We guarantee that if you will give yourself a chance, forgive yourself, others, and God that you will see a miracle happen in your life. Sobriety is one part of recovery, but finding joy and peace in life no matter what the situation is is the true meaning of recovery.

Breaking free from dependence on chemicals and other unfruitful, damaging behaviors and learning to rely on God is one of the goals we set for you here at Devotions Recovery. We encourage and equip you to be able to walk in that, no matter how long it takes for you to be able to walk on your own.