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When beginning your Christian recovery, it’s important to reduce the barriers and elements that will prevent progress on the road to recovery. Detoxing the body from physical dependence on the substance of choice is important to do immediately and effectively. Medical detox is required in most cases which depending on the type of substance will normally include a taper, or gradual weaning off of the drug. Medical supervision is absolutely necessary in all cases especially with alcohol and prescription pills. Trying to detox without help can sometimes be fatal. It’s important to understand the risks involved when making the decision to detox and start a new life in recovery.

PHP Partial Hospitalization with Housing

Devotions PHP program consists of between 30 and 90 days of intensive individual and group therapy individually tailored and designed to administer comprehensive and therapeutic recovery services without the hospital feel of a patiential program. Administered by Christian addiction professionals, our authentic Christian environment enables our patients to have the comfortable safe environment where they are separated from the influences of the world and have the freedom to move and breath as God inspires them.

Upon entering Devotions, a medical and psychiatric evaluation will be completed where necessary. Over the course of the program we will teach you about addiction, recovery, living sober and with joy, and how God’s love and forgiveness makes it all possible. We will allow God to uncover the root causes of the addictive behaviors, and help you apply the Word of God to bring about deliverance and healing. Bible study, meditation, and devotions become a part of everyday life as you begin to reconnect with God’s work on Calvary during this most important time of your life.

We will introduce the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and incorporate them in process of the renewing of your mind and allowing it to be transformed through application of the Word of God. We will focus on relapse prevention, after care planning, and train you on the psychosocial aspect of recovery and living free from addiction.

In our PHP program, our patients stay in updated and comfortable housing at night, cook and clean for themselves, learning how to live productive and meaningful lives all over again in a real life setting. In the morning when they wake up, they will feed themselves breakfast, bring their areas into order, and get on the van to come to the meeting place where therapy begins each day. Here they will engage in individual and group meetings, receive the medical attention and counseling they need, learning about themselves, their situations, and begin the healing process God has intended for them.

Intensive Outpatient

Devotions intensive outpatient program (IOP) caters to patients who may only require a lower level of treatment, for example individuals who are able to focus on their recovery without having to undergo detoxification first. Therapy and counseling, both medical and spiritual will be provided in this level of programming. Biblical application and integration with psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques are also applied in this level of treatment.

Our IOP program also acts as a form of step down from the detox and PHP phases of Devotions, and is perfect for those individuals who qualify for an intensive part time program that fits a family and work life. Devotions IOP patients will also enjoy the effectiveness of our individual and group sessions, allowing God to come into the middle of their lives, as well as their addiction. Patients will work on identifying triggers, cravings, and the stumbling blocks that have enabled the addictive behavior to continue, learning how to trust God to replace them. Developing a genuine relationship, and establishing healthy communication with God, has been the most effective components of preventing relapse in the majority of our patients.

The kinds of individuals that usually qualify to go straight into our IOP program have a history of addictive behavior however do not need to physically detox from a particular substance. Each one of our patients will undergo a medical and physiological assessment to diagnose their current situation. Functioning alcoholism or substance abuse, gambling, sexual, and other addictions that have not hindered a normal functioning lifestyle may be among the type of conditions that qualify patients for IOP.

Family Program

Devotions staff understands that family plays a huge part in recovery. Families are often the most hurt when it comes to having a loved one entangled in a life of addiction. We have designed our family program to help reconnect our patients back into the family unit. Understanding an individual’s position in the family according to the Word of God is important and necessary to have peace and unity. Additionally, helping family members understand the root causes of the addiction, where possible, helps to institute compassion and mercy. Rebuilding, and reestablishing, trust and boundaries are important on both sides when it comes to recovery.

Family education and relationship development, in a clinical setting during recovery, has been known to decrease the chances of relapse. Our trained Christian addiction professionals help to bring Jesus back in the middle of areas where He has been shut out due to offense and unforgiveness on both sides.

Individual Sessions

The goals of Devotions individual counseling provides the opportunity to discuss areas of your life and addiction that may be initially uncomfortable to do so in a group setting. Our therapists always yield to the healing and redeeming work of God, applying the Word to encourage, and reveal the true intent of God in any situation. Through the loving compassion of God, you will discover where the roots of the destructive behaviors are seated. Usually our patients have experienced some sort of current or past trauma ranging from sexual abuse to abandonment. Identifying and dealing with these issues on a one on one basis allows for mental and emotional growth, and these sessions often establish a foundation for much needed self forgiveness.