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Devotions: Authentic Christian Recovery

Is 28 days enough?

28 days may not be enough to overcome some addictions and co-occurring disorders. At Devotions recovery there is no one size fits all magic pill for treatment.

More times than not individuals go into treatment with preconceived notions or lack of information and understanding about their actual condition, and have unrealistic expectations. This causes  many people to relapse, and also to have to come through treatment multiple times.

How to determine the length of a program

There are many factors that go into determining how long you or your loved one might need treatment:

  • Length of drug use
  • Last drug use
  • Type of drug use
  • Quantity of drug use
  • Frequency of drug use
  • Current physical condition
  • Current psychological condition
  • Personal-family history
  • Ability to pay for 

Is it the cause or the effect?

Usually drug use is just the symptom of a much greater condition spiritually, mentally, or physically. Usually the person has no idea the real cause for the addiction or harmful behavior. This is usually the reason why they are unable to stop the course they are on.

Treatment can require pulling off many layers that have been formed over many many years. Digging down to the core of the cause of the behavior is the key. This can take different lengths of time for each individual as trust usually needs to be developed, and denial overcome.

It is a process that cannot be rushed and happens differently for each person.